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5x why you should have wireless charger

karol, 23 april 2019

First of all It’s all about YOU.

Years ago somebody had a great idea to make Your life easier and invented inductive charging. You probably You’ve seen it in your bathroom. Yes bathroom :) Toothbrush… electric of course;)

Like You can see this kind of charging is safe even in wet bathroom environment. In my opinion it is safer solution than cable charging.

Cable = Problem. What kind of USB Mini USB, Micro, Lightning or other do you have in your phone? And which one will you have in your next one? WIreless charging is universal (marked as “Qi” international standard).

You will change your phone soon but your wireless charger will stay…

I have prepared more info about it in PDF which you can get HERE soon. Click and download it. I also put some work to make it nice to watch and read :)


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